Hoia-Baciu Project is constantly developing because of your support and all the efforts of the team.


Our special thanks to:

Dacre STOKER – the ambassador of the Hoia-Baciu Project, nature lover, writer and passionate about legends and mysteries, for supporting the project every time when needed

Niște Oameni NGO (Transylvania DonorSphere), for funding:

– the cleaning of the forest in October 2015

– the photo contests and exhibitions “What does Hoia-Baciu Forest mean to you?”

– the first tourist map of the Hoia-Baciu Forest

Decathlon Cluj-Napoca, for sponsoring us with equipment

Napoca Taxi, for sponsoring us with vouchers for taxi

The Dungeon Cluj-Napoca, for sponsoring the project

City Tours & Events, for sponsoring us with equipment

Kindergraff, for making the design of the tourist map of the forest

Ditovis, for making discounts and printing the tourist map of the forest

GVT Media, Ghid Video Turistic, LaRa Media Production and Asociația pentru Promovarea și Dezvoltarea Transilvaniei, for being a great partner in making the first professional travel documentary about the Hoia-Baciu Forest: “The Hoia-Baciu Forest – Truth or Legend?”

And all others which were a real moral support for the development of the Hoia-Baciu Project since 2012.